Mothers, bats and bikinis.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Guy Ritchie: "My marriage is fine as far as I'm aware of"

The British director who used to make good movies until he married the pop-superstar Madonna was quoted saying his marriage was still going strong. I doubt it - after two flops, three (or was it four?) children, and his wife's success, I think he went Jude Law on her. The only thing is, Madonna has always been able to see through any problem and turn it into best-selling movies/albums/books/porn. Full story here.

The latest trend-de-jeur: Young(er) guys and MILFs

I blame Samantha Jones. Just look at all these celebrity couples - Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, Madonna and Guy, Susan Sarandon and whoever, even Candace Bushnell herself. It seems like Carrie Bradshaw's relationship with Mr. Big wasn't entirely fictional! On one hand, I like it, it has a certain feminist twist to it - especially because in most cases the woman is more successful. However, when I see Demi and Ashton together, I can't help but think of Paris and Tinkerbell. But who's the bitch in their relationship? Full story here.

Christopher Nolan surprised by the "Knight's" success

Nolan, the director of the blockbuster hit "Batman: The Dark Night" says he is surprised by the movies over-night success. The film stars Christian Bale in the title role and the late Heath Ledger as "the Joker". Full story here.

Kate Moss desperate for a baby

British supermodel Kate Moss is desperate to have a baby with her boyfriend because her first daughter asked for a sister. Good god. Full story here.

Britney Spears flaunting a bikini

And no, it doesn't look half bad. These recent photos feature Britney on a holiday in Mexico - in hands of a new "mystery man". I don't really care who this guy is, but I feel kind of sorry for K-Fed. He got the fat, bold Britney, and this guy got a free trip to Mexico. Full story and pics here.