Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sticky and cheap

The Queen of pop is threatened to be left alone on her "Sticky and Sweet" tour! Her crew is very dissatisfied with the amount of money invested in their hotel rooms and airplane seats. Turns out Madonna is enjoying all the luxurious perks her stardom can get her, paying no attention to how her crew is being treated. Now several of them are thinking to walk away if nothing improves. Full story here.



Sarah Andrews said...

How can you not love Madonna? I have been so fascinated with her since I was in my early teens! She changes and swings to the tune of each progressing song and era with such ease...It's Great! I got my floor tickets for her concert here in Boston last week (and I didn't think it was a bad price? $250 for Floor?) from in case anyone else is looking to see her! I have now seen her in person four times...She was awesome each time!!! I hope she continues to tour for years to come but I always dread the day she stops...

Madonna forever! - Sarah

Nikola said...

I completely agree! She truly is the queen!

Thanks for reading!