No Doubt

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Back together.

Shut up! Or, should I say, don't speak? Anyways, No Doubt are reuniting! And going on tour! Now, I feel like they should have at least released a single if not an album first, but whatever. I guess it's back to the 90's this summer. They are going on tour with Paramore. I hope Gwen is cool after all of this. After all, "The Sweet Escape" wasn't as good as "L.A.M.B.", so the girl must be depressed. Oh, whatever. More here.

Lily Allen

La Isla Bonita

The three-nippled freak of nature, Lily Allen, bought an island after being intoxicated. Now this is the kind of stuff I live for. Well, not really, but it's this kind of stuff I love Lily Allen for! Not only does she have a superfluous nipple, she also owns an island on Jamaica. More here.

Taylor Momsen

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wild Child!

Little J of "Gossip Girl" is not a wild child! She's told Page Six how she hates being labeled as a party girl and that all that she ever does is sit and home and play the guitar. Although this kinda reeks of Lohan, I don't care. It's boring! However, what is not boring, it's this clip that surfaced on the internet not so long ago of Momsen escaping the paparazzi. Holy shit! No wonder they call her wild!

Scarlett Johansson

Monday, January 19, 2009

Gentlemen prefer *natural* blondes!

Holy moly! Scarlett Johansson does a Marilyn Monroe - inspired photoshoot for a D&G campaign. Everybody seems to be going Marylin lately. Remember Lindsay Lohan's take on the legend? The pics were good (and racy!), but the Scarlett ones are probably gonna be WAY hotter, judging by the one that has leaked. Check out the Lindsay Lohan ones here and here (or don't, if you can't handle boobs), and read more about the new D&G campaign here. Which ones do you prefer?

Julia Roberts

Out of her face!

Julia Roberts went ballistic after having a paparazzi follow her around Venice, California all day. Luckily, it's all on tape. And it's priceless - I love watching her get all crazy and nuts and repeatedly using the F-word. The guy actually sounds scared. America's sweetheart, anybody? Seriously, Britney has got NOTHING on her.

Amy Winehouse

"They tried to make me go to rehab, I said no, no, no,..."

Yup, that's Amy Winehouse you see up there. I know the girl never actually looked normal, but now she's even wackier, that she's off drugs. She now lives on some remote tropical island where she does weird exercises (similar to whatever she's doing in this pic) and basically begging every living being to have sex with her. Here are some extracts from The Sun's interview with her:

On her husband wanting to divorce her:
“I still love my Blake. I won’t let him divorce me. He’s still in jail but the moment he comes out I’ll be there waiting for him. I love him because he’s just like me. Blake is the male version of me. We’re perfect for each other. I don’t want to go back home to England. I want to wait for Blake here.”

On sleeping with other men:
"While Blake is in jail I’m still gonna have a good time — he can’t do much about it. But once he comes out we’ll be together again. There’s some nice lads here, I am just having fun. I don’t want anybody else because I’ve got my Blake."

On quitting drugs but still getting wasted:
“I am not doing drugs and am doing lots of fitness. I’ve started writing songs. I feel great — apart from today. I feel like s**t after a late one last night.”

On rescuing a woman on the beach:
“I thought she was going to drown. All of a sudden she just fell off the boat and was thrown by the sea on to some rocks. I ran down and grabbed her and helped her back to the beach but she was covered in scratches. I might get myself a job as a lifeguard here!”

On constantly hitting up guests for threesomes:
The male guest, who asked not to be named, told me: “As soon as we arrived at the resort Amy was all over my girlfriend. She was telling her, ‘You’re gorgeous. I’d love to **** you. Bring your boyfriend, he can watch’. She was quite clear what she wanted, she was saying, ‘You two can spend the night in my room’. If she had been at all good looking we might have done it."

So yeah, there you go. They tried to make her go to rehab, and she said, no way, I'm gonna get some booty on some godforsaken island! You go Amy!

Tom Cruise

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hitler's Nightmare!

Tom Cruise, the lovable weirdo, had another strange statement. He said in an interview that, growing up, he wanted to kill Adolf Hitler. "As a child studying history (?) and looking at documents (?!), I wondered, why didn't someone stand up and try to stop it?" This all has to do with his new movie "Valkyrie", where Tom plays a role of a guy conspiring to kill Hitler. Apparently, some actors take their jobs more seriously than others. Full story here.

Ashlee Simpson

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bonnie and Clyde

Ashlee Simpson and that boyfriend of hers, Pete Wentz are set to star in an upcoming episode of "CSI: New York". Now, I've never seen the show, but I can't help but wonder if these two can really fit into anything. But hey, let's give them a fair chance. Rumor has it they will probably be a pair of criminals on the show, much like Bonnie and Clyde. Let's wait and see.

Chris Noth

Quote of the day

Here's what Chris Noth, aka Mr. Big had to say about there being yet another "Sex and the City" movie:

"I bet there will be another one. Too many executives want too much money."

You said it, sister! But I don't see how this is a bad thing for you, since Mr. Big is, like, your only important role. But seriously, what's gonna happen in the next movie?! Carrie taking her grandchildren shopping!?

Patrick Swayze

Out of hospital

Remember "Dirty Dancing" and its dashing star, Patrick Swayze? He's been battling cancer for over a year now, and has recently checked into a hospital because of pneumonia. He has this really bad form of cancer, and though some gave him weeks, the doctors have evidently done miracles. He is now out of hospital, recovering in his LA home. More here.

Lily Allen

That's hott!!

Here's something freaky for you, ladies and gentleman! That cute singer from London, England actually has a third nipple! And you know I'm not the guy who likes to gossip without evidence, so check out the clip below! Lily is apparently not shy, so she shows off her superfluous nipple, and even lets the reporter touch it! Gotta love it!

Lindsay Lohan

Friday, January 16, 2009

Turning a new leaf!

Our favorite lesbian-de-jour, Lindsay Lohan, recently gave an interview that actually revolved around her acting, which is always refreshing. She talked about how she hates how people label her as a party girl, how she doesn't get serious roles (like the ones Scarlet Johansson does) and how she wants to turn her career around. She also shares the piece of advice given to her by the late Heath Ledger. Lindsay has a new movie in store for 2009 which actually looks really funny, check out the trailer below! Full story here.

Blake Lively

Even More Gossip

Yup, that is her. The star of the teen soap opera "Gossip Girl" has recently graced the cameras of "Vogue" in a retro photoshoot. The reactions are so far amazing, though many are criticizing her for her Golden Globes look. There are also some people thinking that for "Vogue" to take the current it-girl and feature her on the cover is simply a reaction to the problems the magazine is facing (less and less people are buying it, plus Anna Wintour may be getting the sack). But I can't hep but love the photos! Now, not only is Blake going retro, the entire show is - the CW network is thinking of making a spin-off series that would take place in the 80's with a teenaged Lily van der Woodsen (currently played by actress Kelly Rutherford) as the main character. Yawn. I say, recycle the spin-off idea, and bring us more "Gossip Girl"!

You can find two more photographs here and here.

Joaquin Phoenix

Still Singing

Rumor has it that Casey Affleck is to direct a documentary about Joaquin Phoenix. This sounds a little dumb, don't you think? What sounds even more dumb is that Joaquin Phoenix is reportedly ditching Hollywood in order to pursue his musical career, which Affleck will document. Smart move! You went from playing a fireman to playing Johnny Cash, and now that your career actually exists, you're gonna play some music? And have someone tape it? I'm SO not watching. More here.

Vivienne Westwood

I Heart Pamela

Have you read the latest interview with Vivienne Westwood? The fashion designer actually had some pretty interesting things to say, like how not to be a fashion victim, or what to buy when you go shopping. However, she wrapped up the interview by saying that if she could pick out of any person from the arts, cinema or history to represent her brand, she would pick - Pamela Anderson! OK, so Marie Antoinette wasn't really a professional, and Madonna can sometimes be bitchy, but Pamela!? I didn't know she designed one-piece red bathing suits. More here.

Kate Winslet

Thursday, January 15, 2009


OK, so the Golden Globes have come and gone, but one thing I always pay attention to the most when it comes to awards like these, are the acceptance speeches. And here's a little game, you need to try and guess who this is. Who forgets Angelina Jolie's name? Who thanks Leonardo DiCaprio before thanking her husband? And who mentions the hair and make-up department before her kids? Oh, and who looks like they've been wanting an award since "Titanic", and are so excited, they're having multiple orgasms? Kate Winslet.

And here's one of my favorite ones. Halle Berry, acting out after winning the Oscar. I just love how she can't catch her breath, crying and stuff, and Nicole is like, hating her, while Gwyneth is embarassed and Renee is emotional. Awesome. "I wanna thank the academy for choosing me to be the vessel." Don't you just love award season? :D

Britney Spears

Britney to join Carrie and the gang!

I always thought "Sex and the City: The Movie" was a bad idea. Then I was almost-right, with the movie being somewhat satisfactory, but not nearly as fabulous as the show itself. Plus, they cast Jennifer Hudson as the surprisingly-annoying assistant of Carrie. Now, they're doing it all over again. They are making a sequel, PLUS they're thinking of throwing in some Britney for good measure.
Sarah Jessica Parker told MTVUK, "My idea is to have someone like Britney Spears move to New York as my cousin or niece and Carrie would show her the ropes.” Now, this sounds as total gossip to me (I mean, since when is SJP involved in the writing process?), but still, it sounds interesting, in theory at least.

Prince Harry

The Sophisticated Prince

The Spare, as Prince Harry is sometimes referred to, is misbehaving again. After he was criticized as racist earlier this week for calling someone a "Paki", he is now praised for being almost gay. Peter Tatchell, a human rights activist has depicted a scene of a video which features Harry mouthing "I love you" to a colleague (!) and then kissing and licking him (!?) as a sign of liberation and enlightenment. The whole thing must have given the Queen a headache. Full story here.

Back again!

I am very sorry for not posting in a while, and temporarily closing the site. I am however proud to announce that your favorite celebrity blog is back and running.