Blake Lively

Friday, January 16, 2009

Even More Gossip

Yup, that is her. The star of the teen soap opera "Gossip Girl" has recently graced the cameras of "Vogue" in a retro photoshoot. The reactions are so far amazing, though many are criticizing her for her Golden Globes look. There are also some people thinking that for "Vogue" to take the current it-girl and feature her on the cover is simply a reaction to the problems the magazine is facing (less and less people are buying it, plus Anna Wintour may be getting the sack). But I can't hep but love the photos! Now, not only is Blake going retro, the entire show is - the CW network is thinking of making a spin-off series that would take place in the 80's with a teenaged Lily van der Woodsen (currently played by actress Kelly Rutherford) as the main character. Yawn. I say, recycle the spin-off idea, and bring us more "Gossip Girl"!

You can find two more photographs here and here.