Chris Noth

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Quote of the day

Here's what Chris Noth, aka Mr. Big had to say about there being yet another "Sex and the City" movie:

"I bet there will be another one. Too many executives want too much money."

You said it, sister! But I don't see how this is a bad thing for you, since Mr. Big is, like, your only important role. But seriously, what's gonna happen in the next movie?! Carrie taking her grandchildren shopping!?


Carina the Blogarina said...

Didn't you hear about the Britney thing?? Britney as Carrie's niece coming to NY... I would love to see Britney on SATC. She was great on How I met you mother!

Nikola said...

Yup, I did write about it... I'm still torn, not sure if it's a good or a bad idea. :)