Kate Winslet

Thursday, January 15, 2009


OK, so the Golden Globes have come and gone, but one thing I always pay attention to the most when it comes to awards like these, are the acceptance speeches. And here's a little game, you need to try and guess who this is. Who forgets Angelina Jolie's name? Who thanks Leonardo DiCaprio before thanking her husband? And who mentions the hair and make-up department before her kids? Oh, and who looks like they've been wanting an award since "Titanic", and are so excited, they're having multiple orgasms? Kate Winslet.

And here's one of my favorite ones. Halle Berry, acting out after winning the Oscar. I just love how she can't catch her breath, crying and stuff, and Nicole is like, hating her, while Gwyneth is embarassed and Renee is emotional. Awesome. "I wanna thank the academy for choosing me to be the vessel." Don't you just love award season? :D